The mission of Tel-Hai College is to produce a highly educated and socially committed population in the Upper Galilee. The College is a major economic engine enabling the creation of sustainable jobs in the region. Tel-Hai plays a strategic role in attracting and maintaining a diverse and thriving community along Israel’s northern border with Lebanon and Syria, which is critical to the future of the State of Israel.

Following the resignation of Mr. Yossi Malka, Director General (DG) of Tel Hai College, we are pleased to welcome Mr. Eli Cohen who will assume position as DG of the College by 1.1.2014. Mr. Cohen has been identified and elected to this position by the Board of Directors, following a unanimous recommendation of the search committee.

In the upcoming academic year two new programs will be launched that will prepare students for work with today's complex environmental challenges: a double major in environmental sciences combined with economics and management, and a double major integrating environmental sciences and education.

A recent survey conducted among Tel-Hai's 6920 graduates shows interesting and surprising results: 52% of Tel-Hai graduates continues to second degree and 5.5%continues to doctorate.

Last Thursday Tel-Hai was awarded the Ministry of Defense Award for outstanding support of IDF reservists. We were one of six recipients, chosen from eighty applicants!

The entire Tel-Hai community is in deep mourning over the passing of Elad Erlich, Director of the Division of Continuing Education, who was killed in a road accident last Sunday (June 16) on his way to reserve duty in the IDF. To get a sense of the very special person we lost, we invite you to read the short interview with Elad that was published in our winter magazine. Since the interview Elad and his family moved into their new house and his wife is expecting their second child.

Arin Shibli, who graduated with a combined degree in Nutrition Sciences and Food Sciences from Tel-Hai College, was recently interviewed on Israel Television Channel 1, as the first professional in the field from the Israeli Bedouin sector.

A new survey conducted by the National Students' Union among institutions of higher learning in Israel reveals that Tel-Hai College students serve the highest number of days in the IDF Reserves, with an average of 19.5 days per year, while the national average is fourteen days per year. According to the survey, Tel-Hai College students lead the chart. They are followed by students at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, (with an average of 19.2 days per year for those serving in the reserves), the College of Management (17.7), the Jerusalem College of Technology (16.1), Tel-Aviv University (15.2), and the Hebrew University (14.6).

Tel-Hai College has recently initiated a computer technician course for youth at risk, in collaboration with the Gertrude and Morris Rodman College for Practical Engineering and the Ministry of Education. Participants come from Kiryat Shemona, Zefat, and rural communities in the Upper Galilee Regional Council, for one weekly concentrated day of training in Tel-Hai's computer workshops. Most of them take part in youth advancement programs in their home communities the remainder of the week, while for others this is the only structured activity in which they take part.

The leadership of the Rashi Foundation, including President Hubert Levene and Executive Director Elie Elalouf, visited Tel-Hai College for an afternoon that included a tour of the ever-growing East Campus, an inspirational meeting with students and a concluding meeting with the College management.

In a moving ceremony , 8 scholarships were awarded to to deserving students of Tel-Hai College, a gift of Shamir Optics in memory of German Rozkov z"l, this the third year in a row. Shamir, a leading international company out of Kibbutz Shamir, established the scholarship program in memory of Rozkov, a young immgrant who died during his army serive in the IDF.